Something about me...

Passionate about nature, music, travel, organization and of course all things beautiful & glamorous, I choose a tranquil lifestyle laced with a smile, and strengthened by my belief that the central axis of human life is to be found in harmony and coexistence in the search and creation of beauty in all its forms & expressions, not just the aesthetic or cosmetic ones.
I believe in equal rights and opportunities for women, in our strength within society yet without losing our femininity or our sensitive side, or our sense of wonder towards this amazing planet and all the living creatures that inhabit it.
I have a University degree in Organizational Management, but it seems I enjoy writing even more, as several contributions of mine on the importance of cosmetics in the female world and on mobbing and harassment in the workplace have been published in books by women’s association. So, my main path has currently led me elsewhere, as I have long been part of Slovenia’s leading fashion & lifestyle web portal,, as co-editor and journalist, writing original articles, features and advice on the topics of fashion, beauty, trends and style.
And now, my path has led me to you, too – thank you for visiting Lucyland!

PS: I'm striving to make this a tri-lingual page - per tutti i miei lettori, amiche ed amici presenti e futuri che parlano l'italiano - para todos mis lectores, amigas y amigos actuales y futuros que hablan español!

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